Interview with Michael Shepard: CEO of Murphy’s Natural Hemp

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This week I was able to pull CEO Michael Shepard out of the whirlwind of business and hometown activities he’s involved in to have a chat about Murphy’s Natural Hemp.  He’s the genuine, hometown kinda guy you sometimes read about, committed to family and community, and to lead his businesses with integrity.  Check it out.

Interview with Michael: 

Me:  Thanks for finding the time to answer my questions Michael.  Can you tell me about your company in a nutshell?

Michael:  Sure, we’re just everyday folks in a small town.  We aren’t any different from anyone else.  Originally, we wanted to have products that we needed, that our families needed, and through that process we became aware that we could also be a resource for others.  We realized that others might benefit from using the same products, and there it was… Murphy’s Natural Solutions.  Murphy’s Natural Solutions, DBA Murphy’s Natural Hemp, offers CBD products through our distribution network at competitive price points.

MeSo, it started with family, and became a business.  Nice!  What’s the mission now? 

Michael:  Of course, our mission is to be successful, but we hold to three things in order to achieve that success, trust, consistency and loyalty.  We believe that giving the customers the ability to place their trust in our business is critical for its ultimate success.  And we build that trust by not over-committing, honoring agreements we have with each individual customer, and being a reliable source for CBD products.  If any type of miscommunication or error occurs, you can be sure we’ll be on top of it, acknowledge any mistake and correct it. 

Also, it’s important for a business to be consistent.  We’re committed to the consistency of our products so quality is measured, and we have high-standard testing practices in place.  We offer the highest quality all-natural water-soluble products, quality customer service, reliability, and fair market pricing each and every time… And our success is not measured by how large our exposure is, but by how can we help our customers succeed, or make a difference in customer’s lives through our products.

Me:  I’ve seen the testimonials and customer feedback so it’s obvious you’re having great success in building partnerships.  How long have you been working on Murphy’s Natural Hemp products, and when did you bring the products to market?

Michael:  Although Murphy’s Natural Hemp is fairly new to the market, the development of just the right combination of ingredients, along with the process of creating truly water-soluble products took quite some time.  It was a real challenge.  The lab used a number of processes before finding just the right way to create a legitimate water-soluble solution.  We are proud to be part of PXL Laboratories.

Me As I’m sure you’re well aware, there’s been a huge boom in production of CBD products.  It seems like everyone is jumping into the CBD industry.  What makes Murphy’s Natural Hemp CBD different from other products on the market?  Especially those products that also say they are water-soluble or water-based? 

Michael:  Our products are a truly water-soluble, and not based on nano technology like our competitors, who also advertise as “water-soluble.”   The nano technology they use only grinds the ingredients down to micro particles, which can still ride through, and out of the body.  The process we’ve developed creates a product that is not only truly water-soluble, but significantly increases the bioavailability of the product to the body’s system.

MeMichael, what about the skeptics?  There are still people out there who doubt CBD’s effectiveness as far as having natural remedy health benefits, what would you say to those people? 

MichaelEducation is very important in understanding not only the benefits of CBD, but also the different qualities of CBD, along with whatever other ingredients you may be buying when purchasing a CBD combination product.  Unfortunately, what might be advertised on a product label, may not be the true contents.  In fact, the Food and Drug Administration sent out letters to a number of companies over 2015 through 2017, stating on their website that… 

“Over the past several years, FDA has issued several warning letters to firms that market unapproved new drugs that allegedly contain cannabidiol (CBD).  As part of these actions, FDA has tested the chemical content of cannabinoid compounds in some of the products, and many were found to not contain the levels of CBD they claimed to contain…” (1)  Also, the Journal of the American Medical Association found only 31% of online purchased CBD was accurately labeled. (2) 

I don’t know if there’s a great way to address the skepticism surrounding CBD, other than to be forthright about our products.  Heck fire, we don’t have all the answers for sure, but it’s our responsibility to be as open, plus as honest about our products as possible, without giving up the “secret sauce,” so to speak.  That’s why we have you Colleen, to educate our current, and potential partners or end users using research and factual blogs, which you yourself have put hours into.  This is exactly how you begin to address the skeptics, by providing evidence. 

Me:  Thanks Michael for the kudos!  I’m curious, how did you become a business owner?  Have you always been a kind-of entrepreneur?  What’s your driving force that keeps you going? 

Michael:  By definition, I’ve not always been an entrepreneur, however, I would say I’ve always been a risk taker.  I was a somewhat average kid, maybe a little more challenging teen than most… I’m sure my parents would say so.  As a senior in high school, I had no direction I was really leaning toward, except that I always wanted to serve my country in the military and become a fighter pilot.  I never did become a pilot, but I did join the Marine Corps, and had the honor to serve with the best of the best.  Some might differ with my opinion, regardless, I am forever in debt to those I served with, they were an integral part of my success today.  

After serving in the Marines, I took what I consider to be my first “business” risk by entering into commission only sales.  I definitely won’t be writing the next how-to book for sales, but I found it satisfying to be part of a process that changed people’s lives in a positive way.  I have been very blessed to have become an “entrepreneur,” although I don’t really care for that word in describing myself. 

MeWhy this business in particular?

Michael:  I like being in a position where there is a possibility to make a difference in someone’s life.  In the end, we can’t take anything with us, but if we can make just one positive difference in someone’s life, I believe we have achieved success, which should be the ultimate goal for any entrepreneur. 

By the way, has anyone ever told you that you ask a lot of questions?  I’m just a simple person… Today I worked in sweat pants, and at least a 10-year-old shirt that still had paint on it from years back when I pretended I knew how to put paint on a wall.  Summer is coming, and you’ll most likely find me wearing shorts and Crocs or sandals, regardless of where I’m at or what I’m doing.  

Me:  Hahaha… that’s my job, to write about your products and share who you are with everyone else!  Just a couple more questions.  What types of challenges have you faced in building this company and how did you meet those challenges? 

Michael:  Every day is a challenge, every hour there is a challenge!!  It’s a challenge to answer your questions! (humor) I don’t believe anyone ever truly builds a company.  I like to think I have a unique streak of pure luck rather than an ability.  Most likely, God feels bad for falling asleep while I was created, so he put the right people around me to build a company.  I am definitely not the company, nor any other company I own… and by no means did I build them alone.  The people I have the great opportunity to work with are the company.  They are the ones that faced the daily challenges while building the company.  You know you are surrounded by great people when others don’t truly know who owns the company.  I could just call to make sure the phone rings instead of going in, and know the customers are well taken care of.  

Me:  Wow, that’s quite a testimonial to your team!  So, what now?  What’s ahead for Murphy’s Natural Hemp?  Any new products on the horizon? 

Michael:  As long as we can develop or team with others, like our lab, who have developed products that make a positive difference in someone’s life, we will always have products on the horizon. 

Me:  Fantastic, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.  I look forward to what new products you’ll have to offer in the future. 

To reach Michael, for more information about the business, or to purchase Murphy’s Natural Hemp and Solutions products, go to

by Colleen Morgan
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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