CBD for anxiety

Anxiety - StressAnxiety on the rise

Anxiety, that feeling that something is horribly wrong.  Maybe you have panic attacks, can’t sleep, experience heart palpitations, or suffer from other symptoms like nausea, trembling, and racing thoughts.  Maybe just the word makes you anxious!

You are not alone.  According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 300 million people around the globe live with an anxiety disorder. (1)  And, it’s on the rise.  A 2018 poll conducted by the American Psychiatric Association indicates a five-point jump over 2017.  The poll rated U.S. participants’ concerns surrounding health, safety, finances, relationships, and politics, with Baby Boomers experiencing the greatest increase in anxiety. (2)


There are a number of prescription medications used to treat anxiety disorders.  Along with those medications come a big-bundle of side effects that could include:

  • blurred vision
  • headache
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • fatigue
  • sleep problems
  • increased blood pressure
  • weight gain
  • depression
  • and the list goes on…

CBD – the natural alternative

cannabis sativaCannabidiol, or CBD, may offer an alternative method in managing anxiety.  It is a chemical compound that comes from the cannabis sativa plant, an annual herbaceous flowering plant.  Cannabidiol is one of over 100 such compounds, known as cannabinoids, that are found in the plant.  CBD does not have any psychoactive effects and has a good safety profile.  It does not get the user “high.”  The cannabinoid has become increasingly popular over the last several years for treating patients with a range of medical conditions, including anxiety.

There are a number of research studies published from 2015 through 2019 that indicate CBD may be beneficial for those living with anxiety disorders.  A January 2019 study by Shannon, Lewis, Lee, and Hughes stated, “The results of our clinical report support the existing scientific evidence.  In our study, CBD appears to be better tolerated than routine psychiatric medications,” and “Furthermore, CBD displays promise as a tool for reducing anxiety in clinical populations…” (3)

Should you give this natural alternative a try?  As always, it’s important to talk with your doctor when adding supplements to treat any health condition you may have.  And what about the dosage? Ingredients? THC content?  Here’s the short story:

Dosage and integrity of ingredients

  • Since there’s no one-dose-fits-all CBD amount, it’s best to start small with just a couple of drops, and then increase or decrease dosage as needed.  Something else to take into consideration, how long the effects of the dosage of CBD lasts.  In the beginning, you may need to do some tracking to adjust your dose as necessary.  Document when you took it and how long it lasted to determine personal need and increase or decrease dosage accordingly.  Figuring out how to correctly dose CBD will be important in maximizing the benefits of this natural remedy.
  • Be aware of the additional ingredients in your CBD!  I have allergies to olive oil and soy products, so I searched and purchased what looked like a safe product, only to find out later that I had purchased CBD that contained soy.  The company did not have it listed on the products site description.  It was only after being delivered and the package opened that I discovered in a product pamphlet that soy was one of the other ingredients contained.  I again thoroughly researched and purchased a pure water-based product.  Sometimes you have to dig around on CBD websites to find out what the other ingredients might be.  Some contain soy, others contain olive or coconut oil, and still others may contain vitamins.  Be an informed consumer.
  • Do you have concerns about overdosing with CBD? My research indicates that the most it can do is make you super-sleepy, so start small and work up to the dose that works for you. Ultimately, finding the correct CBD dose is important so that you can maximize the effects of the compound while using the minimum amount needed, which will save you money.  Water-soluble CBD’s are found to be more effective as you will use less since it will enter your body’s system quicker and easier than an oil-based product.

Murphy’s Natural Hemp CBD/Curcumin

Murphy’s Natural Hemp pairs the benefits of CBD with the powerhouse spice, Curcumin.  Curcumin is receiving worldwide attention due to its multiple health benefits, which appear to act primarily through its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms.  It is one of the main ingredients of turmeric powder, which is harvested from the turmeric plant by grinding up its root.  Curcumin has shown promising effects in patients with various pro-inflammatory diseases including arthritis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel disease, ulcers and more.

Does it contain any THC?

We use the CO2 extraction method to pull CBD from the hemp plant.  It is viewed as the safest way to extract and guarantee a pure end product.  Murphy’s Natural Hemp products are isolates, meaning they contain no tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

Other market products may be full-spectrum CBD.  These will contain less than .3% or trace amounts of THC, which is not considered enough to provide a user with any side effects they may experience using other cannabis products.  Simply put, you will not get “high” from either the isolate or full-spectrum product.

Murphy’s Natural Hemp Products are Water-Soluble

One of the main challenges with CBD and Curcumin is guaranteeing the bioavailability of the active ingredients, especially when they have limited gastrointestinal permeability.  To improve aqueous solubility, and thus the therapeutic effectiveness of these compounds, we researched countless formulation strategies, and were successful in finding a solution!  Murphy’s Natural Hemp products are designed with pharmaceutical technology that is typically used where circumstances demand increasing vital water insoluble proteins for patients who are dealing with illnesses.

Unlike other CBD formulas, there is no nano complex in our solution, which only disperses small nano-size clusters of CBD molecules in an otherwise insoluble mixture. Eventually, all nano products separate, like oil and water… and, they show no improvement for increasing bioavailability.  And our products are made with 100% purified water, unlike oil-based CBD products offered by other companies.  This is what makes our products stand out among the rest.  99% of our product is absorbed by the body.  Only 10% of CBD is absorbed using the leading oil-based products.

Where can you purchase Murphy’s Natural Hemp CBD Products? 

For more information, or to purchase Murphy’s Natural Hemp products, go to http://www.murphysnaturalhemp.com.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
(1) https://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/handle/10665/254610/WHO-MSD-MER-2017.2-eng.pdf;jsessionid=3C066D350D7C8E8630F9F3DF6844E976?sequence=1 (2) https://www.psychiatry.org/newsroom/apa-public-opinion-poll-annual-meeting-2018; (3) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6326553/
by Colleen Morgan