qEEG “Brain Map” results: Murphy’s Natural Hemp CBD & Curcumin lowers z-scores! (what’s a z-score? read on)

How does CBD impact brainwaves?

Murphy’s Natural Hemp teamed with an FDA approved lab to measure the effects our CBD/Curcumin product has on the brain… and the results are amazing!  Watch the case study video that follows this brief explanation.  First, what is a qEEG, how is it done, and what can it show?

What is a qEEG? 

You’ve most likely heard of an EEG or Electroencephalography.  The test measures the electrical patterns at the surface of the scalp, which reflects your brainwaves.  A qEEG or Quantitative Electroencephalogram goes further, measuring and analyzing electrical activity, creating a brain map of the activity, or a topical snapshot of brain patterns.  There are a number of studies published in the US National Library of Medicine suggesting that these maps can help aid in evaluating a number of medical conditions.

How is the test done?

An electro cap, containing small electrodes is placed on the head to measure the electrical patterns while the patient sits quietly with eyes open or closed.  For this particular test data was captured before the use of the product and after taking the Murphy’s Natural Hemp CBD/Curcumin complex.  Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma waves were measured both before and after the use of the product. Below is one of the images taken from the results.

Brain Wave picture

What did the qEEG Comparison Report show in brainwave activity before and after our CBD/Curcumin tincture?

The report shows a significant change in brainwave activity and lowered z-scores after using Murphy’s Natural Hemp CBD/Curcumin tincture.  Z-scores are indicators of activity, with zero being the norm or “mean,” the higher the z-score, the more noteworthy the health condition.  A lower or zero score is optimal.  There are a number of conditions that can be measured with this test, including but not limited to migraines, ADHD, Dyslexia, anxiety and depression, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, impaired memory, and more.

The following video provides a 15-minute summary provided by the lab, explaining the process, measurements, and remarkable results.

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by Colleen Morgan