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Last fall of 2018, another person in my neighborhood was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that causes chronic inflammation and joint pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).  I spoke with her about the drug treatment she was prescribed, as well as other natural remedies that she’s decided to use.

sitting in pain by Imani Clovis

Interview with Sue:

Me: Sue, thanks for sharing your story with me today.   Tell me about your journey and being diagnosed with RA.  What are the major symptoms of RA and what prescription drugs have you tried so far?  

Sue: Well, it started with feeling tired and having stiffness in my hands and knees.  I thought I was just doing too much so I cut back on some activities, but it continued.  As time went on, the joints in my fingers started swelling, and I had quite a bit of pain.  When I couldn’t get by with over-the-counter pain relievers anymore, I decided I’d better see a doctor.  Last fall, I was diagnosed with RA, and started on Methotrexate, which seemed to be effective, but it made me feel sick all the time.  Kind of like I had the flu every day with nausea and vomiting.  After a few weeks, I had to stop taking it.  Just made me too sick to function.  

Me: And you’ve gone back to see the doctor about a different medication? 

Sue: Not yet, I looked into what other medications are available and they all have major side effects.  I’d heard about CBD helping with inflammation and pain and decided to give it a try before I go on to another prescription medication.   

Me:  Are you using an under-the-tongue CBD oil tincture? 

Sue: Actually, I bought a CBD topical cream that I can rub into my joints, and then also use an under the tongue CBD tincture.  It’s been helping.

Me: What would you like others to know about natural remedy use and effectiveness? 

Sue: I’m definitely getting some pain relief.  I did find that it wears off just after mid-day, so I’m working on dosage and when to reapply or use the tincture again.  After the experience with vomiting every day with taking the prescription medication, in my opinion, I feel it’s better to use these remedies for awhile to see if I can manage the pain and inflammation naturally.  If this doesn’t work for me, then I’ll go back to my doctor.  Maybe a combination of prescription and CBD would work, I’d have to check with him.  But for now, this appears to be working, I just have to find the correct dosage.  I’ll keep you posted!

Me: Thanks for talking with me today Sue.  I appreciate your sharing and look forward to knowing more about how these natural remedies are working for you.  Also, I’m going to leave you with a brochure from a company I buy from, Murphy’s Natural Hemp.  They combine CBD with Curcumin, which is also known as a natural remedy that helps with inflammation and pain.  I’d love to get your feedback on the products. 

Sue:  Thank you!  I will definitely give them a try, and I’d be happy to talk with you about the results and give you my feedback. 

I’ll be following up with Sue in a month or two to see how she’s doing with the natural remedy approaches.  Stay tuned!  Sue is one of many individuals around the world who are turning to CBD for pain relief in dealing with RA and other medical conditions.

According to a 2018 study, which looked at “who, how, and why individuals are currently using CBD,” nearly 62% of the individuals responding reported using CBD to treat a medical condition, with pain, anxiety, and depression being at the top.  What I found most interesting about this study was that almost 36% of the people who responded, reported that CBD was all they needed.  They had no need for any other medication to treat their particular medical condition other than the CBD.  Only 4.3% reported that the CBD did not work well for them. (1)

Medical Conditions reported using CBD n3963

In addition, this same study reported: “Respondents selected “Other” 362 times. The most common “Other” conditions reported were neuropathy (n=48), autoimmune conditions (n=38), and fibromyalgia (n=37).”(1)

Murphy’s Natural Hemp Water-Soluble CBD & Curcumin Combined

CBD tincture-bottle-600x600-1Murphy’s Natural Hemp combines CBD and the spice Curcumin in a water-soluble complex, which provides you with the numerous health benefits of both isolates.  Curcumin is also known as a natural remedy, often recommended by holistic practices for assisting with pain relief, supporting the immune system, aiding in digestion, and more.  As always, it’s important to talk with your doctor when adding supplements to treat any health condition you may have.

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“This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” 
(1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6043845/
by Colleen Morgan