The Benefits of Murphy’s Natural Hemp Combined CBD/Curcumin Tinctures

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With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, Hemp has exploded in growth, production, and consumer use.  The farm bill did several things.  It provided subsidies for American farmers, reinforced locally grown foods, expanded trade opportunities, kept SNAP in place, and legalized the production of the hemp plant.  CBD or Hemp extract is a natural chemical compound that comes from the hemp or cannabis sativa plant.  It is one of over 100 such compounds, known as cannabinoids, that are found in the plant.

CBD Benefits

Studies have shown this cannabinoid to be beneficial for many health conditions, in particular reducing inflammation, treatment for pain, combating arthritis, reducing anxiety, treating sleep disorders and more.  Further, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects, so it does not get the user high.  What this means is that you can use the compound, and reap the health benefits with little or no impact on your day-to-day functioning.

Now, take the health benefits associated with CBD and combine them with the power of Curcumin.  How is Curcumin beneficial?  Read on.

Curcumin Benefits

Curcumin, in both Ayurveda (the traditional medicine of India) and Chinese medicine, has become a major player in holistic medicine.  One of the main ingredients of turmeric powder, it is harvested from the turmeric plant by grinding up its root.  In addition to being a spice used in cooking, Curcumin is also proving effective as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, research of curcumin over the past half-century has shown promising effects in patients with various pro-inflammatory diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, ulcerative proctitis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel disease, peptic ulcer, gastric ulcer, gastric inflammation, psoriasis, and lupus to name just a few.  Further studies are being conducted on the benefits of curcumin for reducing the speed of Alzheimer’s disease, improving heart and circulatory system function, and more.

Water-Soluble CBD & Curcumin Combined

CBD tincture-bottle-600x600-1Murphy’s Natural Hemp combines CBD and Curcumin in a water-soluble form, providing you with the numerous health benefits of both compounds.  Oil-based CBD does not dissolve in water.  Oily substances are repelled by water, which forces a separation of the ingredients.  However, you’ll find the term “water-soluble” is being widely used throughout the medical cannabis industry.  What water-soluble means is that the CBD can blend into water, like sugar in your lemonade or coffee.  Water-based and oil-based products react differently when it comes to being absorbed by the body.  Your body is composed of over 60% water.  Reports show that the body uses less than 10% of the active ingredients in an oil-based product.  Compare this to our water-soluble products, which utilize 90% or more of the active ingredients.

In short, Murphy’s Natural Hemp water-soluble, high-quality CBD/Curcumin combined products have:

  • Increased bіоаvаіlаbіlіtу:  The increased bioavailability mеаnѕ lеѕѕ оf the product іѕ wasted when taken, and that more of the product is put to use in the body’s system.
  • Increased effectiveness:  Water-soluble CBD products are more rapidly absorbed into the body’s system because water constitutes 60 – 70%  of the body.  Water-soluble products take less time to become active in the body compared to their oil-based counterparts.
  • The ability to be mixed with beverages:  Thanks to the lab technologies utilized by Murphy’s Natural Hemp, the products can now bе mіxеd with wаtеr or any water-based drink.

High-Quality / Laboratory Tested

Murphy’s Natural Hemp water-soluble CBD products are sourced in the U.S., produced with the highest quality ingredients, and are continually tested to be sure they meet our high standards.

To summarize:  With our tinctures, you receive the health benefits of both CBD and Curcumin in a water-soluble form, providing you with increased absorption and quick relief.  Murphy’s Natural Hemp is the “clear” choice.  But don’t just take our word for it… see for yourself!

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