Murphy’s Natural Hemp Water-Soluble Sleep Tincture

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Technological advances have allowed us to become more productive in both professional and personal lives.  However, along with all the conveniences come increasing demands and intrusions on our days, sometimes our nights.  Text messages, emails, video conferencing, smart-TV’s, smart-homes, smart-cars, smart-beds, smart-clocks, never-ending smart-tech… When it’s time to slow down to rest, our bodies and minds are still going strong.  Spending an hour or so before bed, being technology-free will help your mind slow down and in turn, help the body relax.  Other quieting activities could include listening to music, practicing meditation, reading, or doing a gentle yoga routine.

Natural remedies can also be beneficial in calming the mind and body to prepare for sleep.  Murphy’s Natural Hemp Sleep Aid Tincture is the holistic approach you’re looking for, without the side effects that typically come with using prescription medications or the over-the-counter quick fix.  Unlike oil-based products, Murphy’s Natural Hemp Sleep Aid product is pure and more bioavailable than any CBD oil product on the market.  As a  water-soluble formula, it is quickly and effectively absorbed by the body.

8.5x11 No FoldWhat’s the difference?

Water-soluble CBD has only recently risen to the forefront.  When we talk about a substance being water-soluble, we mean that it has the ability to be dissolved in water.  Oil and water do not mix.  When a substance is not water-soluble, the body is unable to absorb it easily.  Therefore, it may be necessary to consume large amounts of an oil-based product in order to get the results you’re looking for.  To improve solubility, and thus the therapeutic effectiveness of our tinctures, the Murphy’s Natural Hemp lab researched countless formulation strategies, including those that have already been largely tested.

It was a great challenge to find the correct solubilization tool, however, our lab has developed verifiable, water-soluble CBD and Curcumin complexes.  These products are formed with a pharmaceutical technology typically used where circumstances demand the increase of vital water-insoluble proteins for patients who are ill.  This water solubility makes it possible for our products to reach the body’s bloodstream in higher quantities while consuming less.

It makes no sense to pay the same or even more for an oil-based product when your body uses only 10% of their active ingredient, while you pass the rest as waste.  At Murphy’s Natural Hemp, our water-soluble products, allow your body to utilize a whopping 90% or more.  See the difference for yourself, watch this very telling video!

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by Colleen Morgan