Buying CBD for the First Time: Key Questions and Considerations

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You’re a first-time buyer.  CBD is in the news, friends are using it for health and well-being, and you’ve decided to give a try.  With so many options, what do you look for?  What questions do you ask?  We’re providing you with a few key questions.  Shop and compare, then make a knowledgeable purchase.

What is the extraction process used?

There are several ways to extract CBD from the hemp plants:

  • Co2 Extraction – Safe and provides a pure end product
  • Olive Oil Extraction – Safe, however end product is perishable
  • Dry Ice Extraction – Easy to produce, however low quality
  • Solvent Extraction – Straightforward process, however strips plant wax and could generate oil that contains contaminants

Murphy’s Natural Hemp Solutions uses the CO2 extraction method to pull CBD from the hemp plant.  CO2 under high pressure, using low temperatures pulls out CBD isolating and preserving its purity.  Once the CO2 is no longer under intense pressure, it simply evaporates, leaving no traces on the extraction itself.  The CO2 extraction method ensures a high quality and a chemical, solvent free CBD product.

Where does the hemp come from?

Murphy’s Natural Hemp teamed with a laboratory that developed a process in order to bring a truly water-soluble CBD/Curcumin product to market.  The laboratory only purchases the highest-grade CBD available on the market with the majority coming from hemp grown by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Industrial Research Pilot Program.

Does it contain any THC?

We use the CO2 extraction method to pull CBD from the hemp plant.  It is viewed as the safest way to extract and guarantee a pure end product.  Murphy’s Natural Hemp products are isolates, meaning they contain no tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

Other market products may be full spectrum CBD.  These will contain less than .3% or trace amounts of THC, which is not considered enough to provide a user with any side effects they may experience using other cannabis products.  Simply put, you will not get “high” from either the isolate or full-spectrum product.

Is lab testing of the CBD provided?

Know what you are ingesting!  Be an informed consumer.  When looking for a CBD supplier, check to be sure the product has been tested for potency, pesticides, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Murphy’s Natural Hemp must pass a thorough inspection for heavy metals, (arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead), microbiological contaminants (bacteria, yeast and molds), and VOC’s (propane, isobutane, butane, methanol, ethanol, acetone, isopropanol, acetonitrile, hexane, and heptane).  Test results are readily available to the consumer.

What is the actual mg per dosage?

Although packaging may recommend one dropper per day, the correct dosage for will vary from person to person.  Dosage is dependent upon:

  • The concentration of the CBD product
  • The condition being treated
  • The weight of the individual
  • The individual’s body chemistry
  • Whether it is a full-spectrum CBD or a CBD isolate
  • Whether you are a first-time taking CBD
  • Whether you’re previous cannabis user
  • If you have a cannabinoid tolerance built up

Starting with a smaller dose and adjusting dosage as necessary to reach the desired effect is the best way to begin usage.  Murphy’s Natural Hemp products contain:

  • Murphy’s CBD/Curcumin CBD contains 560 mg proprietary isolate – 18.67 mg per serving (Pure water 99% + Pure CBD/Curcumin Isolates)
  • Murphy’s Natural Hemp Sleep Aid contains CBD/Curcumin 690mg isolates – 18.67mg CBD/Curcumin per serving (Pure water 99% + Pure CBD/Curcumin Isolate)
    • 30mg Melatonin – 1mg per serving
    • 99mg 5-HTP – 3.33mg per serving
    • 99mg GABA – 3.33mg per serving

What is the actual mg per dosage absorbed by the body?

One of the main challenges is to guarantee the bioavailability of the active ingredients, especially when they are poorly soluble and/or with a limited gastrointestinal permeability such as CBD and Curcumin.  To improve aqueous solubility and thus the therapeutic effectiveness of these compounds, we researched countless formulation strategies, including those that had already been largely tested.

Murphy’s Natural Hemp products are designed with pharmaceutical technology that is typically used when circumstances demand increasing vital water insoluble proteins for patients who are dealing with illnesses.  Unlike other CBD formulas, there is no nano complex, which only disperses small nano-size clusters of CBD molecules in an otherwise insoluble mixture.  Eventually, all nano products will separate, like oil and water; and they show no improvement for increasing bioavailability.  Unlike oil-based CBD products offered by other companies, our products are made with 100% purified water.  This is what makes our products stand out among the rest.  99% of our product is absorbed by the body.  Only 10% of CBD is absorbed using the leading oil-based product.

What are other qualities to consider?

  • Organically grown
  • Product grown in the U.S.
  • Company follows the rules/laws governing production
  • Made from high-quality extract

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by Colleen Morgan